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Detail K2 Avalanche Elite Heavy Duty Universal T-Frame Snow Plow Kit - AVAL8219ELT-AVAL8422ELT-AVAL8826ELT


The DK2 line of personal snow plows just got better! Their ELITE SERIES Snow Plow’s take the simple yet effective design of the basic models and ups the game with a wireless actuator for ultimate reliability. Each DK2 plow allows you to quickly and effectively remove snow from your driveway or small parking lot.

The Hitch Mounted, Universal T-Frame Series comes in 3 sizes and fits a wide variety of trucks. The the smallest plow in the Avalanche line weighs in at 265lbs with an 82″ wide by 19″ high blade. The mid-sized 84" x 22" blade weights 296 lbs and the largest 88" x 26" blade weights in at 341 lbs.

All three sizes are easy to mount using the universal mount which simply slides on to most light trucks, SUV's & UTVs as long as they have a 2" class III front mount receiver hitch (not included). When done, just slide it out and roll it away on the locking casters for easy storage until next time!

Included in the package is an IP67 wireless electric actuator (ACT8020) to lower and lift the blade. The blade is controlled via an upgraded wireless remote (EWX004) from inside your vehicle for easy up and down snow control while staying warm.

Each snow plow will also include a set of adjustable blade stiffeners for added strength by creating a strong 3-point connection, as well as hardened steel cutting edge scraper, rubber snow deflector, plow markers and skid shoes.

The blade angles are set and locked manually with a single lever which lets you lift a pin to 3 blade locking positions: straight on, angled to the right, and angled to the left to best fit each situation you may face while plowing.

The powder-coated all-steel construction with UV-protected paint will ensure years of great use.

Ships in a single carton on a standard size pallet. 1 year warranty.

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Full Specifications

  • Universal mount and fits most light trucks, SUV's & UTV with a 2" class III front mount receiver hitch
  • Electric actuator to lift the blade, controlled with wireless controller inside your warm vehicle for easy up and down snow control
  • 3 blade angles can be set and lock manually with a single lever lifting a pin: straight on, angled right, and angled left
  • Powder-coated, all-steel construction with UV protective paint
  • Locking casters for easy attachment, removal, and rollaway storage
  • Trip Springs to shock absorb on uneven surfaces
  • Built-in plow markers for strong blade visibility
  • Manual lever blade to angle left or right
  • Package Includes: Upgraded wireless remote control, upgraded wireless actuator, caster kit, plow markers, rubber deflector, scraper blade, and skid shoes
  • All-steel adjustable skid shoes let you control the height of your scrape
  • Crated Dimensions: 46" x 36" x 18"; 44" x 32" x 18"; 46" x 35" x 17"
  • Shipped Weight: 321 lbs; 334 lbs; 341 lbs
  • Weight: 265 lbs; 283 lbs; 296 lbs
  • Warranty: 1-year limited warranty on manufacturer defects
  • Detail K2

Owners Manual

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