Firewood Burn Guide: Aromas

Most of us love a good fire, especially on cold nights. One of the things that sparks memories for me and adds to the experience is the smell. I'm always amazed by how scents spark memories. I also know that when a fire smells bad, it's not the best.

So depending on what you like, here are some aroma profiles of some different wood types:


Cedar wood burns cleanly and produces little ash. It is not only good for burning, but also makes a great scent for your home. It is known to have a sweet aroma, but it can also smell slightly sour if left untreated.



Oak wood is a great hardwood tree that is native to North America. It is a popular choice for making furniture and decks, but also has extended burn times making it great for fires. Some types of oak are even used in certain barbeque methods. Its smoke is strong and pungent and is said to have a slight earthy scent.



Pine trees are native to the northern hemisphere. Their smoke is similar to cedar wood's, but it is less sweet and more earthy. I love the smell of pine and the snaps and crackles its sap makes, but it burns fast. Make sure you have plenty on hand.



Hickory wood is one of the most versatile woods around. It is a fast-growing hardwood that grows in the southern United States. It is commonly used for making cabinets and tables. It can be used to create a pleasant odor in the air and its smoke is described as having a milder flavor than oak wood making it a strong base wood in barbeque



Sycamore is part of the maple family. It is a fast growing tree that thrives in warm climates and is often used for landscaping. Its smoke is sweet and fragrant.



Beech wood is a fast growing hardwood that is native to Europe and Asia. It is commonly used to make furniture and decks and has been part of Budweiser's aging process for decades. It creates a sweet aroma in the air and its smokiness is described as being subtle.



Maple is grown throughout the world and it is often used to make furniture. Its sap is also used to make the magic sauce we use on pancakes, waffles, french toast and more. Its smoke is sweet, but earthy.

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